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I joined this 8 months course.. since i had a civil engineering background the basics were just like a cakewalk.. but then i felt with such a staff guidance even a fresher can find them easy.. all theories were taught with a practical approach... students were made to think and bring out their own ideas whether its a drawing or a software approach.. and the classes were taken methodologically so that students were able to implement the theoretical teachings in the software then and there.. overall at the end of the course i had a confidence to take up projects on my own... in one word i would say i got a professional guidance in a friendly manner.. thanks to usam 



After marriage i was setting up MY house.While doing this it dawned to me this is what i like to do. Decorating /designing the house.I started looking for a course that would teach me the fundamentals of this trade.  I got to know about USAM through newspaper and immediately enrolled myself there.When i started working it was almost a gap of 4 years and that is when i realised how well the teachers had taught the subject. Fundamentals taught in USAM by the staff proved to be very strong foundation. Then there was no looking back . At every step i could realize how lucky i was to be trained in USAM. 
One word that could possibly describe our relationship would be "Gratitude"

Thanks and regards

I,M.R JAYAKUMAR  a student of Interior Design at USAM, CIT NAGAR , MYLAORE, CHENNAI-4, declare that by joining this course my 30 years dream came true.  The faculty for Interior design are very efficient and simple in their teaching methods. The teaching methodology is simple and understandable and moulds every student to become a perfect interior designer by the time they finish the course.I learnt a lot of techniques and methods which helped me to start interior design as a new career.
This course brought out the inner talents of me in this wonderful design field and made me 100 % confident. I thank the faculty and staff of USAM training  for extending me their cooperation and support in all aspects.




The feeling that I would be taught and groomed well made me join the INTERIOR DESIGNING AT usam.
It was great. I  would give all the credit to the staff who gave us confidence and taught us  to draw and understand the work more in practical  which was use full when we began work so that we could excel USAM played a great role in teaching us the relevant softwares.
One word or phrase that best describes my relationship with USAM would be "PRACTICAL TEACHING"
The training at USAM has contributed immensely to my career as Interior Designer. I  knew the industry through USAM .
After completing the course I worked with lot of interior execution firms and interior firms ( hakasa, nexg, ocean ) then  2012 I started slowly doing my projects and started CORE INTERIORS  in the year end  Now been dong projects for individuals , builders , architects  ( builders  - SIS. AKSHAYA , INDIA BUILDERS , AAKAM , JAINS  ETC . INDIVIDUALS – ACTOR ARYA  , MINISTER – VALARMATHI   ETC , ARCHITECTS – MURALI ARCHITECTS , HABITAT  ETC ) . Launching  a modular kitchen company with high end machinery capacity this year  end 



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