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Interior Design (ID) - the   profession that involves creativity and excitement has tremendous potential.

With   construction industry progressive at a incredible pace, a fabulous demand is being generated for Interior Designers nationally and Internationally.

Interior Designing, the profession that has creativity written all over, involves conversion of space from utility  to aesthetics and imagination to reality.

Life styles are fast changing, resulting in mounting need for solutions that satisfy the changing attitude and interests. This attitude has developed   deep roots in many spheres in our contemporary lives. One such is our infatuation for interior design. To satisfy this, we look for people who provide solutions. And there we are- the Interior Design Professionals.

This is an art that offers endless vistas. The growing demand solicits expert professionals trained by Leaders in the field. USAM is one.

We are in the process of churning out Interior Design professionals of superior calibre to forge ahead in the world not reckoned in money value of creative work.

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