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Training Options


Certification course

Module 1

Line, lettering, scale, geometrical 


Module 2

Orthographic  projections, 

Sectional Elevations

Software 1: AUTOCAD

Module 3

Anthropometrics & Ergonomics

Design of Individual rooms:

Bedroom, Kitchen, Living & Dining

Module 4

Color Theory, Color Wheel, Color 


Module 5

Elements of Design &

Principles of Design

Project 1: Residence Design

Module 6

3D Views: Isometric Views

Software 2: Revit Architecture

Module 7:

Civil Construction: Stone Masonry, 

Brick Masonry, Arches, Lintels,

 Stair Case, Flooring

Module 8:

Lighting Design: Electrical Fixtures, 

Symbols, Types, Layout

Module 9

Doors & Windows: Types,

Construction Details, Technical 


Software 3: Photoshop

Module 10

Partitions & False Ceilings: Types, 

Materials, Construction Details, 

Technical Terms

Project 2: Office Design

Module 11

Furniture Design: Materials, Types,

Design & Estimation 

Software 4: 3DS Max

Module 12:

Project 3: Showroom Design/Restaurant Design

What is special about the ID Course at USAM?

ID at USAM is a customized course with wider perspective providing limitless scope in your designing profession.  Care is taken to regularly update the course material, curriculum and the training methodology to suit the changing trends.Also In-house software training enables practical implementation of the projects in the software.

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