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AutoCAD Electrical

AutoCAD Electrical Fundamentals covers the indispensable core topics for working with AutoCAD Electrical. The training manual provides instruction on how to use many of the software's powerful electrical drawing creation tools and also focuses on creating schematic drawings, panel drawings, and PLC/IO circuits using automated commands for symbol insertion, component tagging, wire numbering, and drawing modification.

Students learn how to build intelligent ladder diagrams and panel layouts, and how to leverage this intelligence. The course provides an overview of many AutoCAD Electrical utilities designed to enable users to quickly build and manage electrical-controls drawings. Students learn how to create electrical-controls production drawings. All exercises and datasets through hands-on exercises are based on the JIC (US) standard.

Course Objectives: After completing this course, you will be able to:


  • Describe the AutoCAD Electrical user interface and follow the basic electrical project design workflow. 
  • Manage projects and the multiple drawing and inter-drawing relationships contained in electrical projects. 
  • Insert wires, add wire numbers, manage circuits, and create point-to-point wiring diagrams and drawings. 
  • Insert and annotate schematic symbols. 
  • Edit drawings project-wide with commands that are specific to the electrical design environment. 
  • Extract information from drawings to create Bill of Material, Wiring, and other reports. 
  • Create and annotate panel layout drawings with lists of components that are extracted from schematic drawings and with other specific panel layout tools, such as the Terminal Strip Editor.

Prerequisites: This course is designed for new AutoCAD Electrical users. It is recommended that you have:

  • A background in electrical design (drafting and design experience is a plus). 
  • A working knowledge of AutoCAD

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