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Training Options



We are the Autodesk Authorised AutoCAD Training centre in Chennai.With the economy on the upswing, companies are winning new business. To meet the deadlines associated with new projects, teams need training to boost their productivity immediately. Many organizations find themselves with a suite of software tools, but employees aren’t sure how to use the tools efficiently. Beyond the fundamentals, seasoned users need targeted instruction on advanced functionality. 


USAM  recognizes that the way people learn is varied and that the tools they use to learn have evolved. Some individuals and companies want immersive in person training, while others prefer shorter duration training that is topic based. Others prefer to learn in smaller, digestible sessions, while others prefer to learn online - either at their own pace or in a virtual classroom setting. 


To meet all of these needs, USAM has solicited and responded to customer feedback creating a portfolio of highly flexible training options. With our wide array of content, delivery options, training locations, and course schedules that can be tailored to meet any of your specific needs, you are sure to find a training solution that gets you productive now. 

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