The trainers approach is practical, project oriented and problem solving. Hope to continue the same zeal when the team actually starts implementing Revit on the project. 

Mr. Kauri Ratha Krishna Phani
MW High Tech Project

We are the customers of USAM since 2007. We feel that the service offered by USAM are excellent. Especially, the training offered by them on purchasing the Autodesk products are excellent.

Mr. P.V.Dhilipraj - G.M. Design
Ramaniyam real estates Pvt Ltd

I am rendered speechless by the clinical efficiency and your organisations professionalism. I am a person very high standard of expectation and professionalism. I sincerely appreciate your firms backend strength. I don’t care if the issue is handled correctly.  I am more bothered about the speed and accuracy of responses - which are hallmarks of painstaking work done day in and day out. My head bows in appreciation.

Ar. Thomos George
Nirmaan Architects

The way the entire project could be presented to my clients, not restricted to CDs alone but with visualizations, walkthrough videos, mass models etc as demonstrated by them have convinced me that I could implement BIM workflow in my Architectural practice, thus giving me confidence which resulted in my renewal of subscription to my BDS for a further period of Three years-and which also resulted in my recommending BDS to my close Architect friends who made their purchase of BDS within the last two weeks and more friends to follow.

Ar. P.R.S. Sivakumar
Mani Ram Design Den

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