About USAM Technology Solutions

Origin Founded in 1990, USAM is an IT hardware and software solutions provider, it started as a small CAD service center and has had steady growth throughout the course of its 30+ years in business.

Lineage  USAM is a proud member of the K.B. Group of Companies, a reputed and diverse business house in south India.

Vision To be a world class company providing Technology Infrastructure and Solutions to Design, Visualize, Create, Manage and Automate.
To be a Catalyst for Peak Performance and be the Preferred, Trusted Partner for all Stakeholders

Values  The guiding philosophy of USAM is: “We do it better because we care”. Its vision and mission are strategically aligned to reflect its philosophy and to provide a delightful customer experience in all its processes.

Philosophy  USAM has been a pioneer in the IT hardware space, readily accessible to its clients and always ahead of the competition. From the very beginning and along with the rapid growth, the organizational focus has constantly been on the four pillars of priority: Customers, Principals, Employees & Vendors

Growth Starting from a modest background of a small CAD Service Center, USAM is now a 200+ member organization with active operations across 4 states and 6 major cities of south India. In terms of revenue, USAM is now a ₹100-crore revenue company.

Certification   USAM is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company: thus, it has well-defined / efficient processes in place which helps it to consistently match, and even exceed customers’ expectations.

Partnerships  USAM is a proud HP Amplify Power Services Partner of HP and Gold partner of Autodesk Inc, the association dates back more than 20+ Years. These partnerships strongly confirm the USAM’s service quality as well as sales volume credentials. 

Industry Verticals   Our impressive list of clienteles is spread across several industry verticals: IT, Manufacturing, Services, Government, Education, Healthcare, Automotive, Construction,Transportation, Power & Energy, Banking & Finance etc.

Customers   We are proud to be associated with prestigious customers ranging from Government depts., PSUs, large Corporates, MNCs, NGOs, Educational institutions, as well as SMBs. All our customers, irrespective of size or reputation, can expect the same high-quality service from us.

We are a part of the KB Group of Companies that include the following organizations

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