Thinking of business information and fundamental data of your company, what is that strikes you first? Yes, safety, security and integrity of the data! While on the move, business professionals come across so many people. Being alert every moment is not possible humanly. HP understood the need of security and has bought you the perfect solutions through HP products. Be it a workstation or a laptop, HP guarantees that your data is safe and secured all the time and anywhere!

The various layers of security in these HP products make sure that your data is safe with you.

Let’s check out some of these security features.

  • • With HP Sure Click you browse any webpage you need to. This feature will protect notebook from malware, ransomware or viruses present online.
  • • Your BIOS will be unaffected as HP Sure Start Gen3 software monitors, recovers, and restores in-memory BIOS automatically.
  • • HP Sure View will provide user with integrated privacy screen to prevent visual hacking. You can activate this privacy mode with just a click on button.
  • • Now you can easily manage and secure your notebook fleet with the HP Manageability Integration Kit.
  • • Last but not the least, with multi-factor authentication; you can sign in with IR camera, fingerprint sensor, or smart card reader, providing multiple layers of security.

Knowing these features, no professional would think of overlooking at these amazing products by HP!


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