With ever changing industry dynamics and evolution of new technology, organization are confronted with challenges such as efficiency, productivity and effective communication across defend stakeholders. Effective collaboration, data management, cost and employee productivity too becomes a key challenge. Organizations embracing these changes and moving on to the next level shall require expertise at different levels which may not be readily available either their organization. Hence we at USAM with our industry experts and product specialist help customers in addressing their various challenges through our wide range of services such as training, implementation, adoption assistance, executing projects from 2D/3D CAD model to BIM. Whether it’s a simple 2D design or a complex 3D model we provide an efficient and effective service solution for our customers.

BIM Services

2D/3D Modelling Services

We also provide basic 3D modelling services for your engineering stream

BIM Consulting Services

Building Information Modelling (BIM) which is quick and economical

BIM Implementation / Execution

AEC industry is to operate productively with highest quality and reduce project risk

BIM Outsourcing

USAM provides Architectural, Engineering and Construction organizations across world

Mechanical/Product Design

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Mechanical Simulation

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Design Visualization

Our Visualization Services are aimed at helping companies deliver competent and realistic visual project

Data Management

We are experts at Autodesk® Vault data management software

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