Keep Reinventing. The tagline is so true when it comes to HP Elite Slice. HP’s vision is to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere — every person, every organization, and every community around the globe.

Why there is the need of HP Business Personal Systems?

  • • Rapid urbanization
  • • Changing demographics
  • • Hyper globalization
  • • Accelerated innovation

HP Elite Slice exactly helps in implementing the above factors! HP Elite Slice is one of the Business Personal Systems which has the soul of a powerful PC inside a beautiful modular body.

Features of HP Elite Slice

  • • Compact Design
  • • Easy Collaboration
  • • Amazing Audio
  • • Expandable Memory

Compact Design
HP Elite Slice is crafted to suit modern office spaces and professionals

  • • Option to choose cover and compact, cable-less modules to add functionality
  • • Stunning design, compact form, and amazing engineering

Easy Collaboration
HP Elite Slice is designed for convenient collaboration experience.

  • • USB Type-C™ 3.1 with 60W power input
  • • Simple one-touch integrated conferencing

Amazing Audio

  • • Crisp, accurate audio by Bang & Olufsen, HP Audio Boost, HP Audio Module, and bi-directional HP Noise Cancellation Software
  • • Dual-microphone array with 5 meter range
  • • 3 speakers

Expandable Memory
HP ODD Module

  • •Quick and easy file back up
  • • Access content from your choice of optical media

A stunning design, compact form, and amazing engineering — HP Elite Slice reinvents what it means to be a desktop. With these amazing features and outstanding quality, HP PBS is the need of every business and professional. Get one today!


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