USAM’s Managed Print Services helps to reduce costs by gaining visibility and to have control over your printing technology, assets and supplies. We will help to improve productivity and accelerate business results with enhanced document workflows. We will help you to free up time for IT concerns and issues and let you focus on your end users and let you invest your time with your customers. We will support you and help you to access, compile and analyze rigorous real-time data to provide you the tools to foster innovation in your organization. Our services will let you better manage and increase environmental sustainability and security for all the IT infrastructure set up within your organization.

Our Approach

We will work with you to assess, deploy and manage an imaging and printing environment tailored to meet your business needs, while helping reduce costs, conserve resources and simplify document-intensive processes.

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Managed Print Services

Optimize Infrastructure

USAM can help you achieve a balance between your total cost of printing and your needs for user convenience and productivity.

Manage Environment

Working together, USAM can help you maintain your optimized infrastructure while improving business efficiency and tightening security.

Improve Workflow

By streamlining your document-intensity processes, USAM can help you deliver a more efficient environment for capturing, managing and sharing information.

Advantages of using Managed Print Services from USAM

  • We provide these services for new or existing customer owned machines
  • No Inventory would be required to be maintained on Toners/ Inks and relief from raising periodic Purchase Orders
  • We have Exclusive Service Teams for MPS hardware, therefore providing faster response time for break down calls
  • We provide Call Logging through web portal
  • Remote monitoring by HP on Printer supplies, request triggered by auto alert to HP when Toner / Ink is low
  • Lower Break downs on machines due to original supplies and Maintenance kits used (Avoid Premature Failure of internal parts)
  • Save up to 30% on the Running Costs, even when compared to using original Toners
  • Quarterly Reviews on Contracts for customer Satisfaction